Want to learn more about wine?

Do you want to learn in a fun, social, interactive and relaxed way?

Then have Professor Shiraz, aka Rick Kohut, come to your home, business, meeting site, or other location to set-up and facilitate a blind wine tasting party or other engaging, wine-focused event which will teach you what you want to know about wine and how to enjoy it more and more.

What is a Blind Wine Tasting?

A blind wine tasting is a precise, yet fun way to discover two important aspects about wine – how to taste and evaluate wines as well as what varietals or types of wine you like.

The wines – typically featured in a category-  e.g. all Shiraz varietals; dry whites; wines under $10, etc. – are covered by the Tasting Master of Ceremonies before the sampling begins.  A bag, sack or similar is used to hide the label of the wines to be tasted.

Next, each wine is methodically tasted by the participants and impressions, evaluated by category – color, clarity, aroma, taste, mouthfeel – are systematically recorded by hand on a specially designed tasting sheet.

The fun comes when participants discuss the character of each wine. Developing descriptors for the wine, both formal and fanciful, adds to the enjoyment.

After each wine is tasted, evaluated, and ranked by the participants, it’s time for the Big Reveal when each wine, one by one, is removed from its bag and identified. Tasting notes, information about the producer of the bottle, and facts about the country, region, vintage and/or style of the wine is offered by the Tasting MC. Participants are frequently surprised as the most expensive bottle is often not the one most preferred by the tasters at the event!

Having Professor Shiraz as your Tasting MC allows you – as the host or hostess – to participate fully with your guests as you are equally in the dark about which wine is which. And Professor Shiraz brings all the pre-organization, equipment, knowledge, wine tasting know-how, and a sense of levity necessary for a memorable and learning-filled tasting experience. 

Prof Shiraz & Wine Tasting Parties

Professor Shiraz, aka Rick Kohut, has years of wine tasting experience with engaging, dynamic and interactive teaching skills.

A veteran of nearly fifteen years in the high school classroom, Rick has been the tasting room host for Good Vibes Winery, Westerville nearly every Saturday afternoon and evening since October 2012.

Rick developed his love for wine and skill in teaching about wine tasting years ago when he taught and worked in Napa Valley, California wineries as varied as Carneros Wine Company,  laniform, and Sterling Vineyards .  

The Essential Wine Tasting Party offered by Professor Shiraz includes:

  • Contacting your guests prior to the party, via email to arrange for the bottle(s) each is to bring, e.g. a Pinot Noir between $10 and $20; a white wine from Australia; a favorite, dry red (or whatever theme/category you want for the blind tasting.)
  • Researching the wines and preparing tasting notes for each bottle.
  • Two hours facilitating your wine tasting party, including:
    • Bringing all equipment – bags for the bottles, tasting sheets, clipboards and pens, tasting glasses (if needed for the site.)
    • Providing warm up instruction on the steps of a blind tasting.
    • Leading an interactive game to aid in recognizing the aromas present in the  varietal(s)/style(s) of wines to be tasted. This utilizes an innovative, specialized set of essential oils customized for learning.
    •  Sharing General background information and characteristics about the varietal(s)/style(s) to be blind tasted.
    • Acting as Wine Tasting Master of Ceremonies for the process of tasting, evaluating, and discussing each bottle.
    • Guiding The Big Reveal and wrap-up discussion on tools (books, apps, and other resources) to learn more about the wines tasted.

The Essential Wine Tasting Party presented by Professor Shiraz begins at just $150!



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